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Photo Sphere is a complete and professional photo editing tool
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Chris Spettmann Software

Photo Sphere is a photo editing tool that allows you to edit your images very easily. The program offers a whole set of drawing tools, among which you will find lines, arrows, rectangles, circles, and colors. You also will be able to add text, resize, rotate, mirror, invert images, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, and color, among other things. The application also offers a series of filters such as smoothen, sharpen, mean removal, emboss, edge detect, etc. You will also be able to apply a few effects to your images, like sphere, moire, waves, among others.

What is more, the program includes several skins for the user interface, which is available in three languages: German, English and Spanish. Unfortunately, the English translation of the interface is not very accurate and I spotted several words in German and some mistranslations, which made some of the options a bit confusing.

In short, Photo Sphere is a simple but comprehensive image editor that will help you edit your images easily, giving them a professional touch.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use
  • Lots of editing tools
  • Effects


  • Spelling mistakes and mistranslations of terms
  • Words in German
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